Community Opinion

Cities, counties, and special districts engage their residents on a daily basis and receive continual
feedback on issue, policy, and performance matters. Although this feedback is a valuable source of
information for an organization, it does not necessarily provide an accurate picture of the community as
a whole. Informal feedback mechanisms typically rely on the resident to initiate the feedback, which
creates a self-selection bias. Because these residents tend to be those who are either very pleased or
very displeased regarding a particular topic, their collective opinions are not representative of the
entity's population, overall.

A community opinion study developed and implemented by True North will avoid the self-selection bias
noted above and thereby provide your staff, council, or board with an objective, statistically reliable
understanding of residents' opinions, satisfaction, priorities, and behaviors as they relate to matters of
interest to your organization. The principals at True North have personally conducted more studies to
assist public agencies than any other individual researchers in the state, and we use our experience at
all stages of a project, including design, analysis, interpretation, and benchmarking.

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