Timothy McLarney, Ph.D.

As President of True North, Dr. McLarney is responsible for the design, management and analysis of True North's qualitative and quantitative research projects. Dr. McLarney's work to date has provided California cities, counties, special jurisdictions, transportation planning agencies, councils of government, school districts, corporations, and political campaigns with research to address their often complex marketing, planning and performance measurement needs. During his career, Dr. McLarney has occupied a lead role in over 900 research studies.

Dr. McLarney is a nationally-recognized expert in survey research methodology, sampling theory, weighting, and the use of statistical methods to generalize survey results. His research has been recognized at national and state conferences, has been published in academic journals, and has earned him honors including the title of Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley. He has also served as an independent expert witness in survey research.