Organizations that rely solely upon customer-initiated feedback will inevitably obtain a skewed and distorted
understanding of their customers as a whole. Because customers typically initiate contact to provide opinions
only when their experience was exceptionally good or exceptionally poor, the feedback obtained is reflective
of these two extreme circumstances—not of overall customer experience. Only a professionally designed and
implemented study that contains valid and reliable measures of opinions and behaviors and produces data
that is representative of all customers can answer the questions that define and shape your organization.

What are the needs, priorities, and preferences of your customers? What influences their decisions to choose
a particular service or product offered by your organization? How would they describe their experience with your
staff, product, or brand? What keeps your best customers coming back, and why do some customers depart
and never return? What are the key drivers of your customers' satisfaction? How satisfied are they today, and
how will this satisfaction likely change over time as your organization evolves? A customer satisfaction study
designed and implemented by True North Research can answer these critical questions for you and your

The principals at True North are nationally recognized experts in survey research methodology who have
personally designed hundreds of customer satisfaction studies during their careers. Their past and current
clients include cities, counties, school districts, special districts, not-for-profits, campaigns, and successful
corporations such as Cox Communications,, Sony Electronics, and Cardinal Health.

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