At True North, we design customized research studies that provide our clients with accurate, objective, and reliable information. One of the key advantages of selecting True North is that we are capable and experienced employing the full range of quantitative and qualitative research techniques. For surveys, this includes all types of sampling methodologies(simple random samples, single-stage and two-stage cluster samples, stratified samples, layered designs with oversampling, etc.), data collection methodologies (telephone, mail, online, text-based, intercept, hybrid designs using multiple methods), and an extensive array of sophisticated analytical techniques for cross-sectional, time-series, and panel data including regression analysis, cluster analysis, and conjoint analysis.

Thus, whereas most firms will recommend a methodology for a study based primarily on what they are capable of providing from their limited repertoire, at True North we can allow the specific research objectives of a project to dictate the optimal sampling, data collection, and data analysis methods used for the study.