A community's need for public services and facilities occasionally out-strips an agency's ability to fund these
needs, especially during periods of rising costs and a declining economy. In such cases, agencies often
consider augmenting their revenue stream through the passage of a local revenue measure.

Creating revenue measures that are ultimately approved by the necessary percentage of voters is difficult,
especially in the State of California. Successful measures require insightful research, careful packaging,
and a well-orchestrated public information campaign. True North Research has designed and conducted
over 350 studies for public agencies to estimate the feasibility of establishing revenue measures for a variety
of purposes using different funding mechanisms, such as a bond, parcel tax, sales tax, utility users tax, or
benefit assessment. Of the measures that have gone to ballot based on True North's recommendation,
more than 93% have been successful, generating more than $24 billion in local revenue.

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